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A Landmark Reimagined

With a redux of the landmark Pirelli building — designed by famed modernist architect and our illustrious namesake Marcel Breuer — we have reimagined an icon for the modern traveler that is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

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a room with chairs and tables
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Bauhaus-Inspired Design

Our historic suites bring guests modern-day experiences while retaining original mid-century character with meticulously restored finishes, repurposed 1960s light fixtures, and custom furnishings evoking Breuer's pioneering work with The Bauhaus.

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We're a utopian feat of sustainable engineering using solar electricity from more than 1,000 photovoltaic panels on our carports and vast roof to power our own microgrid. A Power-over-Ethernet lighting system and one-megawatt hour of battery storage keep cooking, laundry, temperature, and more running smoothly.

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Commitment To Sustainability

We stand behind our commitment to mitigate climate change through a zero-carbon approach to hotel operations. By using 100% renewable energy and eliminating the use of fossil fuels, every year Hotel Marcel has a carbon reduction impact equivalent to creating 846 acres of mature forest. By staying here, you are doing your part to improve the future of our planet.

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